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Aalborg – The Jewel of Denmark

Posted by on Apr 20, 2015 in Aalborg |


At the very north of the Jutland peninsula, the third largest Denmark city of Aalborg is located. Beautiful and simple, providing home for over a 100 thousand people Aalborg isa historic site, a big medieval port with a thousand years long history. This does not mean that the city is old, in a sense that it is not modern. On contrary, Aalborg is a contrasted city, historical and urban, showing glass and steel next to the old timber build houses. A walk through the city can give you a trip through time, even beyond the 1000 years the city has. Old Vikings ruled here long ago, and they certainly made their mark on this space – and it is all available to you, only if you are interested.

There is one characteristic that sets the North Jutlanders apart from the rest of the people of Denmark. It’s their slow paced life and a general appreciation of life and it’s small wanders. Aalborg is urban as we said, but it is not in a hurry. Just like the people living in this region, it is slow, relaxed and enjoying the life one day at a time. Upon visiting Aalborg you will understand what we are talking about. You can’t go anywhere without stumbling upon one of the famous restaurants or pubs, serving great food and world famous local Aalborg schnaps – a strong alcoholic beverage made of fruit. Sit, enjoy, have a taste of schnaps and enjoy your vacation – that’s why you are in the Aalborg.

Aalborg_NyTorv_2004_ubtIn order not to make it look like the Aalborg is a boring place, we must say it is not! I promise you, you won’t have a boring moment there. The city offers a wide range of fun and educational activities all year long. As far as the culture goes – there is plenty to satisfy your needs. The Museum of Modern Art is something you must see and if there is anything we can learn from Scandinavians, it’s that they know their art. Aalborg Carnival is also an event you must not miss. It is held in the last week of may and it transforms the city into a crazy river of colors and sounds. If you are not there in May, don’t worry, there is a lot for you to see. Architecture alone will leave you breathless after a quick walk through the city. Old houses styled like timber cottages mixing with modern buildings, including some of the famous Mr. Utzon’s – you might know him as a man who designed the Sidney Opera.

If you are not into city life, there is something for you too. There is a reason many people consider the north the best part of the Denmark, and Aalborg reigns supreme in the north. Get out of the city and take a walk or a hike through the beautiful and untouched nature surrounding the Aalborg. Follow the coast line and see the beauty of the cold ocean or try your luck fishing in this cold waters, who knows, you might get lucky.