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Driving Test Helpful Advice

Posted by on Apr 20, 2015 in Aalborg, Advices |

learning to drive

There is not many things that show how old and mature you are as driving is. Having the driving license means that you are both old enough and responsible enough for it. Your age tells about the experience you’ve had and the fact that your parents trust you with driving a ton of metal around shows that you are also responsible and smart enough to gain their trust. But, before you take a seat and drive away, there is just one little thing – a driver’s license. Many people find it frustrating and nerve testing, but this is a necessary step that you have to go through.

Feb25_DrivingTestStudy – first thing you need to do is start studying. We know it sounds boring, but you are now in charge of the huge car and it is your responsibility to others and yourself to be as safe as possible. Picking up the guide book with the laws and rules of the road for your country is the first step. Learning the speed regulations, rules of passage, road signs and more will help you drive safe for a long time. In order to make sure the theory set in nice, you need to adapt your learning process. There is a lot of info there, and not all of it too much fun. Make sure you take notes, as writing increases our memory. Also, have a studying partner, get them to ask you questions after every lesson or even make a little pop quiz. Make learning fun, and you won’t have to study at all.

girl-taking-driving-testPractice – after you are familiar and friendly with the rules, you need to get down to business. Practice makes perfect and this is where you start. Don’t be afraid or nervous, or at least try. Driving is not hard or scary, so don’t make it that way for yourself. First, you must understand that you can only practice with another licensed driver in the car. Older, more experienced drivers are the best. Some countries even demand that you do the practice training with the certified driving instructor. If you live in one of those countries, you might have a little advantage. Others usually rely on their parents or other relatives to help them with the first car steps. It is all good.
Another thing that you will encounter is the difference between the stick and the automatic transmission. In some countries one is preferred over the other, and it’s up to you which one you will learn. Stick shift is harder to learn, but if you learn it, you will learn the automatic driving by default, which is awesome – like a bonus lesson you never actually listened. It is important to get comfortable in the car no matter what type of car you are driving. Only that way will you be able to ace the test and get the license. For more information on danish drivers schools, see here: Køreskole Aalborg