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What you can expect from chimney production companies

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Building chimneys and installing them is not something easy. It will require some pre planning, skills and also education in the industry. Minor failures will mean a lot of destruction whether currently or in the future. It is better if you build the best quality chimney once and for all and be safe later on. Chimney production companies are your companions throughout the building process. After the chimney is in place, they will not leave it at that. They still have more beneficial services they can offer anytime you wish to have them. Here are some of the services provided;

  1. Chimney and fireplace installation

You would expect this fundamental service to be number one. Yes, it is. After all, you cannot service something that does not exist. These days, having a chimney on the roof and a fireplace in your house is all people need to appear classic. Some form of life is brought into the house with warmth and a fire on the fireplace. Even if you want to resell your home, be sure to get something bigger out of it by the virtue of it having a chimney. A chimney design company such as Schiedel Skorstene A/S will build for you the best form of a chimney as you like it.

rain on chimney


  1. Chimney sweeping and cleaning

One of the reasons why the chimneys are necessary in buildings is to allow gases and smoke out of the house. This an essentiality. After chimney installation, the functionality in this purpose will be just perfect. This is because the chimney is new. With time, the chimney will start aging like all other building elements. The depreciation will be even faster with smoke making them look untidy. Chimney production companies will come in at such a time to do the chimney cleaning. Any soot or objects that cause chimney blockages will be removed. This service is even recommended by the fire protection and regulation departments in various countries. The cleaning should be at least once a year. Your chimney functionality in gas emission and toxic fume venting will be restored to normality.

  1. Chimney inspection services

Buildings will require some inspection services just to ensure that everything is as supposed to be. Chimneys being even more crucial building elements require inspection at regular intervals. This is not just checking by the look of the eyes. There is a lot more to be assessed even on the inside of the flues and fireplaces. In fact, chimney production companies will outline their inspection process in levels. Inspection is necessary just to ensure that any defects developing will be corrected before they worsen. There are some extreme defects developing over a long time, which will call for a chimney rebuild. That’s more money required. You don’t have to do this however, regular inspections will keep you off the risk of losing money unnecessarily.

  1. Chimney repairchill at the chimney fire

Rather than just the maintenance services and inspections, chimney production companies also take action to correct the defects noted. It would be unwise to identify some defect and leave it at that. Chimneys will wear out with time or even get damaged. Where the degradation is minor, repairs are the most effective services even in cost consideration. Where the damages are extreme, the company you choose can as well rebuild the entire chimney once again. Repair services are supposed to ensure efficiency in fire warmth inside a house as well as safety. Several repair services include fireplace refacing, chimney rebuilds and tuck-pointing.

  1. Liner installation and chimney relining

One of the essentials in the production of chimneys these days is the protective liners. These will ensure safety against fire and ensure efficiency of the chimney. However, some chimneys will lack the liners. Especially if they are old and historic, the liner will be missing. They will hence come in and install new liners at your will. Also, the inbuilt liners may end up getting damaged over time so that their presence means no added value to the chimney. These can also be repaired or replaced with new ones.